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街机游戏中文名:  最新版Demul v0.7 (17.10.12)街机模拟器
游戏文件格式:  .zip
ROM文件大小:  2.2MB
街机游戏运行环境:  Win2003,WinXP,Win2000,Win9X
街机游戏推荐:  ★★★☆☆
街机游戏授权:  免费游戏,free game
发布时间:  2019-05-24
街机游戏测试:  mameplus0.118测试通过

Demul v0.7 (17.10.12)

这是街机游戏基板Naomi,Naomi 2的街机模拟器。

Brief changelog:
* OnChip access correct bit width only
* add flti0/1 PR flag check
* reg binding cleanups and fixes, PR sanity checks
* fix DIV0S, optimize DIV1 and add linking current block
* fix Invalidation code
* fix delayed slot exceptions
* interrupts fixes / improvements

* fix CD PLAY after SEEK for Taxi2
* small fix for bleemcast (almost work)
* G1 DMA discrete step

* use less attenuated ALFO
* mixing levels fixes
* EG timer fixes
* properly handle Decay level = 0 case
* optimize IRQs

* rewrite SPG
* fix Holly registers for wince
* add real HOLLY IDs for all supported platforms

* speedup boot
* decode boot from Altera firmware
* render fixes: offset color flag, handle flats
* add Gaelco Footall
* preliminary support Gaelco Footall analog inputs

* SCIF link for AW Maximum Speed and Chase1929
* fix Marvel vs Capcom 2 intro Guile character head
* disable menu in fullscreen (fix clicking it with mouse in light gun games)
* netplay: add option to disable flash/sram sync
* set windows timer resolution to min possible value
* rom loading refactoring, NAOMI GD-ROM sets now require security PIC dumps, old GD-rip binaries not supported anymore
* fix save states crash
* improved creation of Dreamcast flash and "timehack"
* NAOMI DIMM CF support
* fix mouse X/Y calc then screen rotated
* fix error when set memcard time in DC bios
* fix DC flash erase, handle correct sector sizes
* Elo touchscreen fixes for Atomiswave and NAOMI StarHorse
* emulated HW210 IC card reader (Dragon Treasure, WCCF)
* SHIO hopper board HLE, Kick'4'Cash playable
* Added all recently dumped games for supported platforms
* Romset in sync with current MAME

and many other changes and fixes, not worth or forgot to mention.

Demul v0.7 171011

* -listxml now generate "merge" tags
* minor romset corrections
* fix AICA DSP recompiler state load crash
* about box crash fixed (redownload if you have this error)

Demul v0.7 171012
Critical compiler error fix version.               
- MISC: The About box no longer crashes lol


demul支持《VR战士4》、《死亡之屋2》、《机动战士高达》、《死或生2》、《capcom vs. snk》、《破坏拳》、《北斗神拳》、《拳皇XI》、《NEOGEO竞技场》、《合金弹头6》、《斗鱼2》、《蓝海豚》和《新三国战纪七星转生》等3d街机游戏。

最新发布的版本是demul 0.7a,支持了《VR战士4EVO》、《头文字D3》、《罪恶装备核心板》、《怒首领蜂大复活黑版》、《月姬格斗AA》等2d和3d游戏大作。

注意:demul 0.7a不支持windows xp,不支持dx11以下显卡。xp玩家和dx10显卡用户就不必下载了。

街机游戏下载地址: 下载点1->点我进行下载
下载说明: ☉推荐使用快车下载最新版Demul v0.7 (17.10.12)街机模拟器,使用 WinRAR v3.50 以上版本解压本站软件。
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